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Brushless Drive
Coolant Pumps

Brushless Drive Coolant Pumps

SPAL introduces the most effective and efficient coolant pump on the market

A coolant pump is an important part of any vehicle’s thermal management system. With the move to brushless cooling fans bringing more control into the system to manage temperatures at the most efficient level, the pump is another component to make the overall system more efficient.

Utilising the same brushless technology as SPAL’s world renowned high-performance fans and blowers, these well designed, smart-controlled, longlife coolant pumps move liquid effectively and efficiently through the radiator, condenser, heat exchanger and aluminium plate to maintain the system at its optimal level.

The brushless drive

The pump is a natural progression of SPAL’s brushless technology and was developed in response to the market as it moves towards electrified systems built with ever more components requiring more precise thermal management.

For example, in battery powered vehicles and machinery the ability to accurately control the flow of coolant through the radiator is critical to the battery performance and its longevity.

The future

With the new pumps SPAL has introduced a range of products that meet both technical and market expectations, adding more efficiency over a longer operational life.

As new applications evolve, whether in automotive, bus & coach, agricultural, truck or off-highway, SPAL is ready to meet the demand and create the products to deliver whatever customers need.

The range

The new pump range will ultimately comprise 6 units in 12v and 24v with 300W, 650W and 900W power settings. The 650W unit will be available from Q4 with the 300W and 900W coming soon in 2024. 

Product features

  • Fully sealed brushless motor unit water and corrosion resistant

  • Safety specification ratings IP68 and IP6K9K.

  • PWM controlled, CAN and LIN versions available

Contact us

Phone: +44 1905 613 714

Address: Unit 3 Great Western Business Park, McKenzie Way, Tolladine Road, Worcester, WR4 9PT, United Kingdom.

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