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Our partner stories

Discover how much of the development and evolution of SPAL fans has been based on feedback or requests over the years from customers. We are immensely proud of the close partnerships that have been established and the following case studies reflect just how much we value those relationships. 

Caterham counts on SPAL

Iconic car manufacturer Caterham puts a SPAL fan in every one of its cars whether fitted at the factory or by a customer as part of a kit.

SPAL sat down with Caterham to discover why SPAL is the preferred choice of component since 2008.

Aside from the excellent customer service, Caterham sited quality, reliability and performance as the drivers behind choosing SPAL:

“Reliability and performance are imperative to our business. We work to strict deadlines and have a standing reputation to maintain. We cannot afford to have defective parts or delayed shipments and SPAL Automotive has shown consistent dedication to Caterham in relation to this aspect of the business.”

Another insight came from a contact in the buying department who until joining Caterham had no knowledge of SPAL. Having held a role in quality control this was very good news because no SPAL fans had been the subject of a quality issue.

>> Full story here: “Every Caterham car is fitted with a SPAL fan”

Ariel selects SPAL for its specifications

The next in our series of case studies details how Ariel Motor Company has been using SPAL fans for its carefully crafted specifications since 1999, first on the original Atom, followed by the Nomad, the concept BEV HIPERCAR and, as seen on TV, the new Ariel Atom 4.

So what makes SPAL fans the perfect fit for Ariel cars? Andy Clift, National Aftermarket Sales Manager went along to the car maker to find out.

In the case of the Nomad which sports a SPAL fan on the front of the vehicle, in an off-road situation a SPAL fan is ideal being rugged enough to take a battering while delivering high performance cooling.The challenges of thermal management in battery electric vehicles are enormous so when developing the HIPERCAR (High Performance Carbon Reduction) SPAL fans - several of them - were the obvious choice for effective cooling.

“As with Ariel vehicles, SPAL products are lightweight, high performance, rugged, tried and tested and available at the right price point for a production vehicle – SPAL products meet our requirements perfectly” says Tom Siebert, General Manager, Ariel Motor Company.

>> Full story here: Ariel Motor Company selects SPAL for its carefully crafted specifications

M-Sport races ahead with new brushless range from SPAL

M-Sport, one of the world’s leading private rally racing teams with a string of international titles and rally wins to its credit, has been one of the first to adopt SPAL Automotive’s new generation brushless 500W fans.

In the world of motor sport, logos are printed rather than embroidered and pockets are removed from overalls in the drive to save weight. That’s why the saving of 1.74 kilos delivered by SPAL’s latest brushless fan, represents a huge step forward, according to M-Sport’s Managing Director, Malcolm Wilson.

>> Full story here: M-Sport races ahead with new brushless range from SPAL

GAH is a cool customer for SPAL

For the last ten years GAH has been routinely specifying SPAL fans in the refrigeration units of its temperature controlled vehicles so we sat down with this longstanding customer to find out why it’s SPAL or nothing in the latest of our case studies.

As well as pointing out that no other fans promise the same performance, reliability and length of life, GAH chooses SPAL because quality is paramount. Especially when it comes to transporting perishable products – whether food in supermarket home delivery vans or blood products and other delicate samples – there is far too much at stake for GAH to risk its own reputation should any component fail and negatively affect the cargo in transit.GAH also insists on SPAL fans in the development of new products such as its ‘Flexi-temp’ solution where frozen goods can be transported alongside ambient items.

As GAH Refrigeration Director Shaun O’Farrell reports: “We continually design and develop new products to keep pace with changing market demands. Our reputation within the industry is for innovation and uncompromising quality – that’s why we specify the best quality components, working with our preferred fan suppliers SPAL.”

>> Full story here: Driving force in refrigerated transport GAH is a cool customer for SPAL

AP Air - distributor profile

SPAL is adding to AP Air Ltd’s 10th anniversary celebrations with a profile on the company which specialises in air-conditioning parts and supplies for agricultural and industrial vehicles and over the last decade has grown from modest beginnings to become one of largest distributors of agricultural parts in Europe.

AP Air was one of the first official distributors of SPAL’s agricultural product lines and was keen to stock the fans and blowers from the outset and was, stating that: “SPAL is a well-established brand - if you walk into any agricultural machinery workshop, they will be fully aware of SPAL blowers. The products are world class and recognised by the leading tractor manufacturers.”

SPAL caught up with AP Air MD Ian Beswick to chart the 10 year long business relationship and find out more about the firm’s success story.

>> Full story here: A P Air Ltd - a partnership with an expert in the field of air-conditioning

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