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Our History

Founded in Correggio, Italy in 1959 by two partners, Terzino Spaggiari and Alberto Alberti.

During a strong period of growth and expansion within the plastic moulding industry, SPAL initially specialised in the design and production of plastic components.

And so our history continues. By the 1970s, production was expanded and saw the manufacture of electric fans, both axial and centrifugal aimed at the automotive industry. This led to the installation of the first production lines to meet fast-growing demand.

The Story Continues...

Discover our history and how since 1959, SPAL has continued to innovate and expand.

1980 - new office buildings

Due to increased investment in Research and Development, SPAL has by this point, firmly established itself as a key supplier of extremely high quality products for applications requiring outstanding levels of performance. 

More office space is added totalling an area of 115,000 sq m and a covered surface area of 155,000 sq m.

1990 - expanded Research & Development area

With continued company expansion, we added new production premises as well as R&D departments boasting an area of 135,000 sq m and a 35,000 sq m covered surface area of 35,000.

2000 onwards - global expansion

From 2000 saw the establishment of a number of subsidiaries:

Shanghai, China (2001)
Des Moines, USA (2004)
Sao Paulo, Brazil (2005)
Noida, India (2006)
Worcester, UK (2008)
St. Petersburg, Russia (2008)
Tokyo, Japan (2011)
Seoul, South Korea (2012)

2010 - brushless production

SPAL begins manufacturing and marketing new axial and centrifugal electric fans with brushless/electronic Intelligent Drive technology.

In 2015, we increased our brushless production capacity to meet global demand - the SPAL premises were extended by 16,000 sq m for the assembly of brushless electric fans.

Contact us

Phone: +44 1905 613 714

Address: Unit 3 Great Western Business Park, McKenzie Way, Tolladine Road, Worcester, WR4 9PT, United Kingdom.

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