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SPAL videos

Select and view a whole host of videos aimed to help you discover our range of products.

These videos are designed to inform and explain the roles of our world-beating blowers and fans. Deployed in a range of applications and able to cope in extreme conditions, find out why they really do make a difference.

We've also included two 'Help To' videos guiding you through the selection process for both a SPAL replacement fan and blower.  Please contact us if you need more help.

SPAL on the Bus

SPAL fans and blowers can be found all over buses and coaches performing various jobs.

In this clip, SPAL Automotive MD Matthew Morris visits the depot at Newport Bus to take viewers on a quick tour of an average bus to show which part goes where and what it does.

>> Watch on YouTube here: SPAL on the Bus

'How To' video guide - how to choose a replacement SPAL fan

A SPAL fan is a fine piece of engineering design honed over many decades into a high performance thermal management unit.

How do you go about selecting a replacement fan? Here is a helpful video telling you exactly what you need to know regarding size, features and specification. 

>> Watch on YouTube here: How to choose a replacement SPAL fan

How to choose a replacement SPAL blower

A SPAL blower has many applications and clever design features which enable it deliver effective HVAC performance.

When it comes to replacement time you may need some help finding the right product for your needs. Here is a short video to guide you through.

>> Watch on YouTube here: How to choose a replacement SPAL blower

Further videos

Fans for agricultural applications

With agricultural vehicles it's best to fit only OE parts to guarantee performance and reliability.

Watch this video, 'Fans for agricultural applications' which explains that you should be prepared to pay a bit more for a quality item and then sit back and harvest the benefits.

>> Watch on YouTube here: Fans for agricultural applications

SPAL fans are tough in hostile conditions

Save a digger loads of money and always replace with OE parts.

Watch this video, 'SPAL - tough in hostile conditions' which explains why, when your plant machinery needs servicing, you should aways replace with OE components.

>> Watch on YouTube here: SPAL - tough in hostile conditions

SPAL - keeping cool

‘When it comes to chilling food, reliability really matters…’

We all depend on food refrigeration particularly in its transportation. That’s where our fans make a difference. Fitting SPAL fans to your refrigerated vehicles is the smart choice!

>> Watch on YouTube here: SPAL - keeping cool

SPAL - fanatical about fans

Vehicles utilising SPAL fans are robust and reliable.

Whilst they may cost a little more, our fans offer top quality. This video demonstrates the winning formula!

>> Watch on YouTube here: SPAL - fanatical about fans

Contact us

Phone: +44 1905 613 714

Address: Unit 3 Great Western Business Park, McKenzie Way, Tolladine Road, Worcester, WR4 9PT, United Kingdom.

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