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Have a question about SPAL fans? Consult our technical bulletins

Technical Bulletins

Thermal management - undercooling or overheating?

The art of thermal management is all about solving problems and whether it’s an issue of undercooling or overheating, the solution always focuses on how to get maximum airflow in minimum space.

Along the way SPAL has produced a series of technical bulletins to answer questions posed by customers in answer to their cooling conundrums as well as videos to provide a practical guide to understanding how SPAL high performance fans and blowers work.

Technical Bulletins

Currently, there are 6 bulletins and 2 videos to explore:

Technical Bulletins:

>> Fan blades – straight or curved? Why are some fan blades straight while some are curved and what is the difference? (Posted 20 January 2022)

>> In a spin about what size of fan you need and how to work it out? (Posted 21 September 2020)

>> Shroud Cover – just how important is the shroud on a fan (posted 13 February 2020)

>> Why engine cooling shouldn’t be last on the list (posted 19 Nov 2019)

>> Making the case for smart controlled thermal management systems (posted 7 October 2019)

>> The push and pull of thermal management – the difference between a suction fan and a blowing fan (posted 12 Aug 2019)

Instructional Videos

Instructional videos:

>> How to choose a replacement blower (posted 28 November 2019)

>> How to choose a replacement fan (posted 28 November 2019)

Do you have a question for us?

Do you have a specific question for us that hasn’t been covered? 

Drop us a line at or call Technical Sales Support on 01905 613 714.