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A day in the life of Kevin Johnson

As the country continues to unfurl from the pandemic and the daily rhythm of life is recalibrated, Kevin Johnson, BDM Transport Refrigeration, SPAL Automotive UK shares some insights on how to get the best out of the working day.

A day in the life

​How do you like to start the day?


My day has to start with a nice cup of coffee then it’s time to take Bailey, my soon to be 1 year old Cocker Spaniel puppy, for a walk. When it’s cold, it certainly wakes me up ready for the day ahead, and he never fails to put a smile on my face.

The first thing I do is check my emails and see what responses I have had from customers or to find out if we have received any enquiries. I am always looking to respond to customers swiftly and provide accurate information to existing and prospective customers alike.

​How do you approach dealing with customers over the phone and in person?

I am a great believer in treating customers the way that I would wish to be treated. Therefore, I am polite and gather the correct information to be able to provide the ideal outcome for the customer. I like to understand the customers’ requirements in detail to be able to offer the best support. Most importantly, I like to be friendly and approachable and build rapport as quickly as possible. Also, if I have agreed to do something for a customer, such as provide a delivery update, I make sure that I do it in a timely manner.

Any secrets to getting the best out of the working day?

Stay positive. Always look for the best in any situation. I also treat every interaction as an opportunity to learn. We are all individuals and have had different life experiences and this can always broaden my own knowledge and depth of understanding.

What have you learned about establishing a rapport with colleagues?

It’s important to understand my colleagues’ interests and hobbies to be able to have conversations that interest them. Thankfully, my colleagues seem to have the same interests as me – food and beer!

​How would you sum up your philosophy on the work/life balance?

While I like to put maximum effort in at work to achieve the best results that I can, I am mindful of the help and support received at home and like to have energy left to enjoy life outside of work.

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