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Rob Wilson essential fan checks post-rally

SPAL’s sponsored rally driver Rob Wilson may not be out there on the tracks, but he still needs to keep his Ford Fiesta R2 rally ready at all times.

Since the last event the Malcolm Wilson Return to Rally series where his team scooped 1st in class he filmed this quick video to take us through the process of preparing his vehicle to race again including taking care of his SPAL engine cooling fan.

“The first thing after a race I wash the car and make sure everything is o.k. Now I am going to show you how to service and check over your SPAL fan. I am demonstrating on a spare fan because mine is tucked away and you won’t be able to see what I am doing.

“The first step is a visual inspection to check for nicks and chips in the blade which could put it out of balance, cause vibrations and produce excess heat and power.

“The next thing is to get your fan and rotate it a couple of times to feel if there are harsh points or biting points when you spin it around if there is this could cause excess wear on the bearings and motor which ultimately means you are looking at a replacement fan."

Rob Wilson runs through essential fan checks post rally

Final check to make sure your fan is working and operational

“The third and final check is to make sure your fan is working and operational so start your car, get it up to operational temperature and then make sure the fan kicks in. Once the fan has kicked in, I would double-check it is pulling enough air through the engine bay that it is cooling down to about a medium temperature. In the middle of the gauge is what you are looking for. If it goes over just on idle then it is not working correctly so you might need to think about upgrading your fan.

“That concludes my video on what I do to my SPAL fan after every event.

“Hope everyone watching is keeping safe and I hope to see you again out on the stages soon.

Unfortunately, we are not sure of our plans for 2021 as we don’t know what events are going to be but we hope to see you soon.”

Thanks Rob for these pro tips on keeping your SPAL fans

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