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Rob Wilson on course for selection in the World Rally Championship

Exciting news that Rob Wilson was selected by Motorsport UK to demonstrate his skills in the FIA Rally Star competition - the global talent detection programme - and is one of three to be heading off to the final in Germany.

Here is Rob to explain what this means:

“This weekend saw me compete in the FIA Rally Star UK Final where 18 candidates where selected to go head-to-head on two slalom and fitness tests. All this for the chance to progress to the European final in Germany where there will be more challenges to select Europe’s finalist to compete in the WRC.

“On Saturday (23 October) there were many fellow rally drivers including multiple class winner George Lepley and also Tom Llewellin. I started the morning well, winning the morning slalom test by 0.1 of a second and putting in an equally consistent second run, just beating British GT driver Katie Milner."

Rob Wilson

Fitness tests part of the selection process

“Moving onto the fitness testing I thought I would struggle but started off by winning the press up test and the strength testing. I also went onto come third in the cardiovascular fitness test which was properly difficult. The top three in this were separated by only a few seconds again. The afternoon slalom test went brilliantly. After winning both tests I came first overall by 1.2 seconds which felt amazing.

“We all sat down in the motorsport headquarters later that day to announce the winners and I am glad to say I won overall and got a place to represent Motorsport UK in the European final of the FIA Rally Star. I am truly grateful for the opportunity I have here and will take all the necessary steps to give myself the best chance to succeed.

“None of this would have been possible without SPAL’s support over the years. On that note we are thrilled to be competing this weekend in the Peugeot 205 in the Cambrian Rally. After a season of bad luck in the Fiesta R2 this will hopefully be the break we need."

We are so impressed with your performance in the fitness and slalom testing, Rob. 

Best of luck in the Cambrian Rally in the new motor and with the new opportunities ahead!

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