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Bigger and more powerful cooling solutions

In 2019 SPAL Automotive UK marks 10 years as the warehousing and sales arm of Italian parent company SPAL Automotive Srl, designers and manufacturers of the world beating range of high performance thermal cooling solutions. The latter is also celebrating a milestone, having reached its 60th Anniversary.

UK OEM Business Development Manager Kevin Aldrich sets out his mission to meet the aspirations of leading automotive manufacturers. He is working with customers to identify the optimum cooling technology from SPAL’s most advanced range of new generation brushless motor axial fans and centrifugal blowers.

Product testing at SPAL HQ in Italy

SPAL fan technology is ahead of the curve

Brushless technology facilitates engine cooling and keeps pace with the demands of the next incarnation of hybrid and electric vehicles. Vehicles meet the exacting standards of Euro 6, aimed at cleaner running engines producing less emissions and delivering improved fuel economy.

SPAL fans are ahead of the field thanks to a recent breakthrough allowing high performance to be achieved within a fully sealed motor unit, whereby most of the heat is extracted from the motor and efficiently dispersed. This is due to the unique and innovative engineering design of the blades and hub.

Designed to exceed standard safety specifications, SPAL brushless motor fans are IP6K9K rated, spark-free and waterproof. Lighter in weight and smart-controlled to operate at optimum efficiency, they provide proven fuel savings and reduced emissions.

SPAL’s software driven fans are the most efficient yet, as the inbuilt PWM signal from the engine management system precisely dictates when the fan should operate and how fast the fan should be driven to keep the engine cool, while minimising the current draw to power the fan.This responsive operation means that brushless fans are able to adapt to growing engine performance demands as well as the increased size of today’s engines. An engine relies on the relative performance of the fan and SPAL has just introduced it biggest, most powerful fan the 24V 1.2kW, spanning half a metre in diameter and about to go into production.

SPAL can meet the demand for bespoke solutions

SPAL Italy is geared up to supply the rapidly evolving market with its dedicated 16,000sqm brushless production facility, which contributes 2m brushless units to the annual total output of 6m units, with further expansion planned for 2020. The fully automated site includes rapid prototyping capability which enables SPAL to develop bespoke solutions to meet the requirements of future car design and production.

Photocaption: Product testing at SPAL HQ in Italy

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