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LUM finishes Formula Student on a high

Loughborough University Motorsport has been in the pink this 2017/2018 season thanks to its ingenuity, sheer engineering talent and problem solving on the hoof.

The team sent us this Thank You with highlights of one of its most successful years competing in Formula Student.

LUM team with Formula Student car

The 2018 car the LFS18, was an improvement over its predecessor

“The whole team would like to say thank you very much for your support over the last year.

The 2018 car, LFS18, was an improvement over its predecessor as a result of some significant changes aimed at saving weight and improving driveability. The car weighed in at 215.5kg with fluids, down from 230kg the year before. This was mainly thanks to the teams’ change from 13” wheels to 10” wheels that required a full redesign of the suspension geometry and chassis.

At Silverstone, the car put in a very strong performance finishing 5th in Skidpad, 5th in Acceleration 10th in Autocross and 8th in Endurance. Overall the team finished in 10th place, our highest finishing position since 2010. During the Endurance event we also won the ‘Top Individual Driver’ award for one of the drivers.

The team went on to compete in Formula Student East held at the ZalaZone in Hungary where several issues including a crash kept the team on its toes, but despite all the setbacks, managed an overall finishing position of 24th.

Next stop was FS Czech. The team spent most of the build-up rebuilding the aero package after spare parts were sent out. The car passed scrutineering seconds before they closed before dynamic events - it was a mammoth effort from the team. The team competed in all events but was unfortunately stopped at the driver change due to an oil leak. Overall the team finished 26th in a very competitive field."

You can certainly count on SPAL’s support on the cooling front in 2019!

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