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SPAL to solve Staffordshire University Racing cooling issues

Staffordshire University Racing

As Formula Student 2020 gains momentum, Staffordshire University Racing Team got in touch looking to improve its car’s engine cooling system.

James Skiba, Engine Manager explained:

“During Last year’s competition, the car encountered some cooling problems, with the engine getting very hot mainly when stationary. This year, we are looking to improve the system to overcome this. We have revised the angle and location of the radiator as well as designing more efficient side pods. Alongside this, we are looking to upgrade the cooling fan from the original unit from a Triumph Daytona 675 bike that was used previously.

“Following conversations with other teams and hearing great things about your fans, we would like to use one of your units this year.”

Naturally SPAL is happy to oblige. In motorsport the issue of overheating on the starting grid is a familiar problem and high performance SPAL fans are designed to deliver the optimum thermal management for that essential edge provided by a cooler start.

Good luck to Staffordshire University Racing in its Formula Student bid!

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