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Cardiff Racing celebrates Formula Student 20th anniversary

Photo shows: Team at 2021 competition with the CR17 car

Race fever is hotting up as Formula Student teams progress with the build of their cars ready for the summer competition.

For the 4th year running, Cardiff Racing has chosen SPAL fans for thermal management, aiming for another impressive result to mark 20 years of racing.

Zack Williams, Mechanical Engineering (MEng) Student (4th Year) in charge of sponsorship, explained the choice.

“Cardiff Racing is the Formula Student team representing Cardiff University. Consisting of members from various degree disciplines and years, we compete in FSUK every year, as well as other Formula Student competitions across Europe. The team has seen great success - including becoming the first British team to win FSUK in 2017 - and the competitive atmosphere drives learning and innovation across all areas of the car design and build. Cardiff Racing was established in 2002, so is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year.

Cardiff Racing turns to SPAL for their new fans

“This year the car is featuring a full Aerodynamic package that has resulted in a decrease in radiator width to fit within the sidepods. Additionally, the exhaust is going to pass through the monocoque and sidepod assembly to take heat away from the engine and increase performance. Great effort has also been made to redesign the air intake components to incorporate an electronic throttle operated by a potentiometer, plus a redesigned plenum. Most importantly to keep the engine cool we have opted for SPAL fans to be fixed to the radiators.

“As Cardiff Racing has used SPAL fans to provide cooling for our Formula Student car for the last 4 years without any issues, it seemed logical to turn to SPAL again for our new set of fans. Together with this known reliability, SPAL offers a wide range of fans sizes, in both brushed and brushless setups, so we could tailor our fan choice to our exact sizing requirements. Coupled with the excellent performance and the durability of SPAL fans it was a no brainer, and we hope the next pair of fans can help continue our team’s success going into the future.”

Good luck to team Cardiff Racing from all your 'fans' at SPAL!

Photo shows: Team at 2021 competition with the CR17 car

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