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A day in the life of Pawel Cierniak

Another in our series of blogs finding more about the SPAL UK team., we talk to Pawel Cierniak. 

Pawel only joined SPAL Automotive UK in April 2022 but it didn’t take long for him to become immersed in the ethos of SPAL and its product range. He instinctively understands what engineers need to know about fans and blowers and how to communicate that with enthusiasm.

We caught up with the OEM Business Development Manager for the ‘A Day in the Life’ treatment.

How do you like to start the day?

Armed with a good cup of coffee, I watch the news and eat a decent breakfast to start the day and keep me going until lunchtime.

How do you approach dealing with customers over the phone and in person?

Getting to know the customer’s company first is very important. Understanding what a particular customer needs and how we can help, is key to success. Often customers may only have some of the information related to our products.  A conversation will really help to establish the other unknowns of an application and lead to the right decision being made about what type of product they need. 

Any secrets to getting the best out of the working day?

I would say start the working day with a freshly brewed Italian coffee, review the tasks for the day, make a list of what needs to be dealt with as a priority and above all, stay on top of emails especially since they never seem to end!

What have you learned about establishing a rapport with colleagues?

Everyone is an individual and knows what works best for them, but no one is an island. I like to work as a team and recognise that everybody has their strengths, experience and abilities. 

Sharing a hobby or interest is important as learning about my colleagues’ pastimes helps to build the rapport and trust in the workplace. I am glad that my interest in politics, sports and good food is shared by so many at SPAL.

How would you sum up your philosophy on the work/life balance?

Work hard, do the best you can at work, share ideas and help your colleagues if you can, but rest and recharge in your free time outside of work with the laptop switched off. Do entirely different things with friends, family or the cat!

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