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British Motor Museum, Gaydon, 21 March, 2023

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Statement of Intentions 2023

Setting intentions for 2023

Matthew Morris MD at SPAL Automotive UK reflects on 2022 and anticipates the year ahead.

It is interesting when you look back on 2022 and its multiple issues, that whilst there have been improvements in some areas, there is still much uncertainty in the geopolitical arena which is still affecting our industry, notably the supply chain and the supply of different forms of energy.

At SPAL UK, we are keeping pace with the latest advances in propulsion – electric, hydrogen (both fuel cell and portable), solar and whatever else might arise from current research.

But while we are growing our profile within each sector, the perception is that our products are confined to that sector when in fact there is so much cross-over as our thermal management solutions are deployed for anything or any system that gets hot.

And it is not just about thermal management or HVAC as SPAL technology can be used in innovative ways for example in agricultural applications distributing crop seed.

To focus on the plan for the coming year, the primary aim is to keep the business steady, help our people manage through the cost-of-living crisis and navigate the challenges and opportunities that 2023 presents.