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SPAL offers cool solution for pro drifter

When Pawel Cierniak, BDM for OEM at SPAL Automotive UK met racing driver Stuart Egdell at Autosport International earlier this year it was a match made in thermal management heaven!

The pro drifter was on the lookout for some highly efficient cooling for his modified race car to keep the engine ticking over while it performs (mostly sidewards) on the track. 

Drift racing is hugely exhilarating to participate in and to watch but it can be a challenge to the vehicle. 

Since the driving technique involves shifting from side to side, the car rarely travels forward so does not benefit from any natural air cooling and must rely on souped up engine cooling.

Some words from Pawel Cierniak

Pawel says: “Supplying Stuart with our fans is great association for us as this sport has a huge following and these cars have almost too much power. The engines are so highly tuned and spend a lot of time revving in 2nd gear Fast & Furious style - that set up needs a lot of cooling.

“Drift racing is a fun and relatively inexpensive motorsport where the tracks can be on tarmac or a simple oval marked out in a farmer’s field. The cars take a real hammering when they are racing, often making contact with other cars which requires a lot of manual dent extraction plus some serious servicing and adjustments between each race.

“One more costly element of these cars is a high spec engine and Stuart is obviously keen to protect his with three highly efficient SPAL fans.

“We will be following Stuart’s progress through the year including competing in the Iron Drift King in Germany this August and we are so excited hear how he gets on.”