UH Racing Fields 1st electric 4WD in FS2021

The latest Formula Student team to come in search of SPAL fans for its 2021 race car entry is UH Racing with some very exciting plans to pave the way for a new electric era.

Alex Wood Deputy Team Lead & Aerodynamics Lead filled us in on the details:

UH Racing is a student led Formula Student team representing the University of Hertfordshire.

For the 2021 competition, the team are looking to continue their entry from the 2020 competition, UH23.

UH23 is the team's first electric vehicle in over 10 years, however, due to the drawbacks of COVID-19 the car was not built within the intended timeframe. UH23 will differ from previous vehicles as it will be the team's first 4WD entry, capable of torque vectoring. As well as being a benchmark vehicle for the team, the car also aims to provide a strong foundation of knowledge surrounding electric vehicles to future team members.

COVID-19 has affected us as it has with every business; meaning remote working has become the normality within the team. With government lockdowns, it has been a rare occasion to see the team gathered under the same roof as you would see in a usual season.

Another challenge that has come with the pandemic is the strict limit on workspace within our main garage, where a limit of 4 people has been imposed; this has made certain practical challenges difficult, and this restriction is likely to remain in place for the foreseeable future.

One positive that the team has taken is the ability to further develop what was left in place from the previous year, to ensure that the vehicle remains innovative as well as somewhat new to the competition. It has also shown that the team is able to pull together and work around these problems in such uncertain times.

Achieving all that in restrictive circumstances is such a positive sign! Wishing the best of luck to all the team for the summer competition.

Posted in News on Mar 04, 2021

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