Rob Wilson bides his time

Aspiring young British rally car driver Rob Wilson has been in a holding pattern only managing a couple of events in 2020 before the pandemic stopped play. But that doesn’t mean he hasn’t kept busy building his own car for scratch races and earning a living as mechanic.

We caught up with him on his strategy for 2021.

“We have landed ourselves in a pretty fortunate situation because we didn’t make any plans or investments for 2021 and that was because of the uncertainty.

“At the moment I am spending my time working on cars and trying to make some money alongside finishing my A-levels which are also very uncertain.

“A massive thanks to the SPAL guys for the continued support and enthusiasm and we seriously do hope that we will be out again in the near future. Our plan at the moment is to get onboard and try and do the first forest event that comes along.

“I will let you know when one is confirmed!”

Fingers crossed Rob and we’re certain the fallow times will put you in good stead when things start up again.

See Rob exercising his car mechanic skills with this clip of essential post rally fan checks featuring SPAL cooling fans of course!

Posted in Blog on Jan 22, 2021

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