How old can SPAL go?

Meet Heidi, a 1930s Frazer-Nash BMW, lovingly renovated over 5 years with a secret weapon to equip her to take part in Shelsley Walsh Speed Hill Climbs and other challenging VSCC (Vintage Sports Car Club) events.

Although most elements of the restoration are vintage, Heidi has a bang up to date SPAL fan hidden behind the grill to prevent overheating issues.

Richard Gatley - Heidi’s restorer

Her owner, retired mechanical engineer, Richard Gatley, is an enthusiastic restorer of old cars. Being something of a perfectionist, he is a firm believer that it’s the attention to detail that makes a successful restoration, which is why restorations take so long.

More about Heidi

Heidi is the first car he’s restored. She’s a 1935 Frazer-Nash BMW 319/45 with a 1911cc straight 6 engine. She was acquired over 30 years ago as an incomplete wreck. The restoration required the construction of a completely new ash body frame. The floor pan and scuttle was completely shot and Richard used 3D CAD to model the chassis and produce a virtual sheet metal replacement.

Heidi first came out of hiding 3 years ago and now surprises many people with her agility and turn of speed, successfully competing in hill climbs, sprints and driving tests.

The SPAL cooling fan solution

Experience shows that when you are looking for performance from your classic, old style engine cooling just doesn’t cut the mustard, whether racing against the clock on the flat, cresting a hill at speed or even travelling in today’s traffic between events.

Has your classic car restoration taken engine cooling even further back in time? Let us know.

Posted in Blog on Nov 09, 2018

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