Queen of the Hill Reborn

Heidi was back in her natural habitat last weekend competing in the Shelsley Walsh Vintage Sports Car Club (VSCC) Hill Climb Meeting.

The fully restored 1935 Frazer-Nash BMW 319/45 is no stranger to tackling the slopes as in earlier life she had been contender in the Lakeland Trial over 80 years ago. Fast forward to 7th July 2019 Heidi crossed the finish line at the top the Hill clocking a respectable time of 51.86 seconds (handicap time 52.5 seconds).

The 1,000 yard Shelsley Hill course, which has an average gradient of 1 in 9.14, placed a lot of strain on that 1911cc straight 6 engine. So as part of Heidi’s renaissance, rather than risk the carefully sourced original engine parts by relying on old fashioned air cooling, restorer Richard Gatley wisely chose a SPAL fan to keep her cool.

The superior thermal management that served Heidi well in the hill climb will be just as useful in tests of speed and endurance should she attempt to reprise the modern day equivalent of the RAC Rally she took part in back in 1936.

See a video clip of Heidi ascending Shelsley Walsh Hill Climb, 7th July 2019 here.

Posted in Blog on Jul 09, 2019

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