SPAL Thermal Management gets Personal

SPAL’s debut at the BIGGA Turf Management Exhibition generated some promising new business leads for SPAL’s range of high performance fans and blowers for ground care applications and might even have opened up new market.

Maggie Lech who (wo)manned the SPAL stand for two out of the three days of the show reported the great camaraderie among fellow exhibitors and became the unexpected saviour for the overheated when she dished out SPAL’s handy promotional gadget, a dinky USB fan that plugs into a mobile phone.

We all know how warm exhibition spaces can get especially after covering several kms to take in the whole show and for one expectant mother, it was worth the journey across the expanses of Harrogate Convention Centre to claim her device.

Meanwhile another exhibitor became hot under the collar, when operating her handheld Japanese fan was making her even hotter. Once again it was SPAL fans to the rescue.

Could this be the start of a sideline in personal thermal management? Watch this space.

Posted in Blog on Jan 24, 2020

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